Turquoise, Keshi, Akoya, Tahitian Leather Necklace

Turquoise, Keshi, Akoya, Tahitian Leather Necklace

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This is an extraordinary necklace. It consists of three large rare mint green slab slices of 1960’s Kingman mine turquoise. The slices are hanging from two entertwined south sea ocean keshi pearl bales and further accented with Japanese Akoya pearls and a 13.8mm Tahitian pearl pull tail. 

Incredible bohemian luxury. One of a kind and adjustable. 

Kingman Turquoise : I purchased the boulder from a rockhound in AZ who mined it himself back in the 60's. The color is unique, unusual and rare. I only have these three pieces in this color but I do have a significant amount of Kingman turquoise in a variety of other colors from the same miner, mine and date.

Ocean Keshi Pearls : Are a bi product of the pearl cultivaton process and can be found along side the cultivated pearl during harvest. They are an all nacre pearl without an implimented nucleus (like sand or a bead) to grow around. They are infact solid pearl nacre, rare, lustrous and considered a luxurious accident. 

Japanese Akoya is a saltwater cultured pearl similar to that of a Mikimoto just unable to carry the name as it is trademarked. Akoya pearls are lustrous, lovely and of caliber.